Airline Revenue Management

aircraft revenue management

This curriculum is intended for individuals who seek to enhance their understanding of the airline revenue management methods (RM). Thus, it is designed for new hires in Research Management (RM), managers who want to broaden their knowledge in RM, and other airline managers seeking insights to the airline revenue management techniques. In addition, individuals and new graduates who seek a career in airline revenue management will find this course helpful.


  • An Overview of Airline Industry
  • Airline Deregulation
  • An online Travel Agency (OTA)
  • Airline Travel Demand
  • Constrained and Unconstrained Demand

Demand Analysis

  • Demand Forecasting
  • Elasticity Analysis
  • Forecast Accuracy and Forecast Error
  • Forecasting Software

Pricing Practices

  • Markup Pricing
  • Predatory pricing
  • Ancillary Revenue
  • Price Discrimination


  • Booking Classes
  • Booking Limit and Protection Level
  • Spill and Spoilage Management
  • No Show

Revenue Management Methods

  • Market Segment Pricing
  • Expected Marginal Seat Revenue (EMSR)